Gearing Up

When first starting out, more often than not, you’re going to want to use the most amount of protection until you become more acclimated to contact and obtain more pain tolerance.  Here is the recommended gear list for the novice practitioner:

*Fencing Mask
*Gloves (Hockey or Lacrosse variety)
*Elbow Pads (Lacrosse variety)
*Knee Pads (Lacrosse variety)
*Neck Guard (Hockey variety)

As you’ve become more experienced, may have a Dog Brothers rank, and feeling more comfortable with your style and limitations, you notice that you’ll have a greater advantage by losing some of the aforementioned gear.

You’re a seasoned/veteran fighter.  At this point you’re probably a full Dog Brother or very near becoming one.  You’ve established your skill and know how to handle yourself.  The knowledge that you seek now is to push limits and establish the most realistic scenarios you can.  In doing so, you must shed protection to keep you honest and allow yourself to grow…within reason, we all have to work the next day!